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"Blackjack" is all about statistics and strategy.

As a big fan of the game itself, I've always dreamed of an application in which I can test all the rules in the real casino and calculate real-time strategic action.

Unable to find such a game, I decided to make a new one,"Real Blackjack," in which I hope to provide realistic simulation of the game for the blackjack fans.

enjoy, feedback and wait...

While I will continue to improve the game to embrace more rule variations and calculations, you are more than welcome to send me an e-mail, if you have any comment or suggestions on the game or feature you wish to be imbedded in the application.

David Song ( )

void I_hope()
printf("A blackjack in you life!");

Great icons by Joseph Wain,
Texts and card images by wikipedia,
Other design/coding by David,

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